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Christian French

For Christian French, music isn’t just about self-expression—it’s about finding life’s silver living. The singer-songwriter and Indiana native has etched a space in pop music that examines the hardships of anxiety, doubt and insecurity in a way that doesn’t brood or self-deprecate. Instead, it filters his perspective through a lens of positivity, connecting with a legion of fans who identify with his brand of optimism and authenticity in the face of everyday struggles.


han.irl <3

han.irl <3 is the artist project of LA based, east tennessee native hannah hausman. The alt pop singer/songwriter is known for her unique honey-glazed vocal tone and sincere yet relatable lyricism paired with genre bending electronic leading production.


The Ramon

The Ramon is a top-line vocalist / songwriter based in Los Angeles, California, delivering subliminally deep, and yet cheesy messages thru pen, paper, and microphone with an attitude - inspired by people, events, and experiences - breaking barriers, not hearts.



RREM is a genre blending artist who makes emotional tracks and hard hitting DJ performances.



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